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These are symbolic and traditional forms of head wear which gives the royal touch. In this glamorous world, every woman wants to look gorgeous on every occasion they are going to attend. Wearing diamond tiara is the symbol of power, wealth, and confidence. These accessories are created using different things like precious metals, cloth, fur, clay, and leather etc.

Both the Tiaras and Crowns are different things as crown conveys a tradition and formal wearing as well as power. On the other hand, the tiaras are heavier and form a circle on the head. One can wear any one of the head accessories according to the festival. There are different ways of wearing wedding tiaras and crown properly.  Here are some rules for wearing these everyday head accessories:

Bridal Hair Accessories

  1. It is necessary to consider the hairstyle because different tiaras need to have a different hairstyle for perfect adjustment. Once you have done with the hair dressing, only then put the tiara on the head.
  2. Face shape is also a point to take into consideration while buying a tiara. There are lots of designer crown and tiaras available that compliment certain face shapes. If someone having long face then they can buy a pointy tiara online for a queen look. An individual with a round face can go for the rounded style and it will give them look like a moon.
  3. You have to put the thumb on the chin and the index finger on the gap between your eyebrows. Now, one should bring the thumb on the position of the index finger. After this, you will see that the finger is touching the base of crown.
  4. Always pair bridal hair accessories tiara with the outfit for a stunning look in their wedding.
  5. For the better grip, you do not have to wash the hair just before going to wear it. This is crucial because the dirty hair or unconditioned hair offer more grip and the tiara stay for longer time.
  6. There is a need to slide or angle the sterling silver tiara slightly so that its prongs go into the hair properly.
  7. One can also make use of bobby pins so that tiara will not fall off or remain stable in one place. They have to make use of bobby pins in such a manner so that it will not interfere with the design of tiara.
  8. While purchasing a tiara crown gold, always make sure that the piece you have select has an oval frame. The reason behind this is that the tiara with round designs will strain your mind.
  9. One should have to style the hair first and also make use of hairspray and then put the tiara crown wedding. The hair spray will help in setting the hair for a long time and is the best solution to provide the grip for holding the tiara.

Most importantly you have to put the tiara or crown first and then clip the veil directly to hair. This is necessary because if someone clips veils to tiara then its weight drag it back painfully.



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