Why USA so popular among MBA seekers?

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Top American institutions need a promo, as the Pope needs to give their name in Starbucks. Everyone knows already! One million international students make up 5% of the total student population, much more says it all.

 The United States has the world’s number of prestigious institutions globally and in years it has done incredible work to convert its name into high quality brands. Being an MBA program, one of the most attractive business degrees, these American universities receive a specially privileged position when they get from Kraim de la Cramé.

With all top MBA employers related to American soil, there is a huge advantage in job opportunities for MBA graduates in the country clearly, in the United States as an MBA, it will usually be a happy ending, adding solid reasons already is.

What makes USA so popular among MBA seekers?

Of the top 100 MBA programs in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking, 51 are from the US. And there is good reason for such uncontested rule over the scope of business education. MBA degree originated in the country as a means of providing a scientific approach to business management.

It was the University of Pennsylvania Wharton who started the first version of training its students in the late 1800s, which included aspects of management of a successful business – accounting, finance, legal, marketing, operations, and more.

Dartmouth Tuck took it to an advanced degree, while it was none other than Harvard who first honored the MBA. The rest of the country and gradually the whole world started appreciating this American model of allowing its students and future managers to get academic training versus them to work.

The United States is also the world’s largest economy, which has the highest GDP per capita in the world. While China is catching up, the US dollar is still quite strong and powerful. This rich economy is famous for large corporations with some big market capitalization.

For example, from 2015, 41% of the Financial Times Global 500 rankings were US based companies. These corporate giants are also some of the largest employers in the country, who are generating huge demand for MBA trained management among other specialized employees.

Thus, there is a very happy balance feeding in the system, which makes some of the best management graduates to be recruited by some of the best corporations. And this is one of the reasons for the prosperity of reputed US B-schools.

Top MBA in USA for international students

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Multicultural Society

American society has always been popular for immigrants. Well, that America, as we know now, essentially started. It is not only multicultural, it is a lifestyle, its art, media, music, sports, and even some non-mainstream ideas such as work habits, education system, and more, has had a huge impact on the rest of the world, Sometimes also allow hard-core traditional structures.

In fact, most foreign cultures come into contact with the American media, which is already introduced to their people in American way of life. Therefore, while students who go to America for education, they face different types of challenges

(Read Experience of moving to the US from India and Cultural problems faced by Indian students in the USA) ), They still take advantage of working with a universal language and a familiar environment which is probably foreign but certainly not foreign.

Quality of Life

As you can imagine, the country offers a wide range of opportunities for a world-class education resource, and international students after graduation, who want to pursue a career. One major challenge is that the students have to manage the cost of education, especially for the MBA.

There are many ways to finance your education, including scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, and even education loans, which often make a long-term debt burden, moisten the satisfaction of completing the degree.

However, if you are able to cope with the cost of tuition, then MBA salary is extremely beneficial, often if you are very fortunate, then from $ 100,000 to about $ 200,000. While the costs may vary among cities, we will arrange some popular cities for quick look .

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