Swami Om was accused of breaking into the bicycle shop of his brother and stealing 11 bicycles.

A Delhi court has ordered Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om to appear before it on November 21, according to a Hindustan Times report. Will this legal exigency bring an end to Swami Om’s controversy-ridden stay inside the Bigg Boss house?

On a plea by Swami Om’s brother, Pramod Jha, a Delhi court has issued an appearance notice against the self-styled godman. He will have to appear before the court on November 21, else a fresh non-bailable warrant will be issued against him, according to the report.

Swami Om had to appear in front of the court on Tuesday but he chose to remain in the Bigg Boss house to teach Indian ‘sabhyata’ to the women of the house. The court, which is no mood to let go off such disrespectful behavior towards the law of the land, has also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on him. Also, earlier the amount of fine was Rs 10,000 but after Swami Om’s lawyer requested for some relief, the court bluntly asked the counsel, “Bigg Boss is more important or court?”

In 2008, Vinodanand Jha, now popular as Swami Om, was accused of breaking into the bicycle shop of his brother, Pramod Jha, and stealing 11 bicycles, expensive spare parts, sale deed of a house and other important documents. Now this information adds a background to Swami Om’s stealing of a perfume on the national television.
Officials from the channel Colors told the leading publication that they have not come across anything around the report. And, if the police will contact them, they will discuss the matter with their legal team and will act accordingly.
Apart from this, you already saw a video of Swami slapping and verbally abusing a woman during a news debate. And, according to a dailymail.co.uk report, Swami has been slapped with charges under the Arms Act, TADA, and other laws.
Now it will be interesting to see whether Swami Om will walk out of the show or will he return to the house after reporting in the court.

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