Steps by Step Process to Create Content for Top Ranking a Websites in 2019

The web content creation industry has been around for some time. It has been here for a good reason. People are trying to get more and more content writers for their website. If you are someone who wants to pursue freelance or full time content writing for web, this is the guide for you. We will make sure that you know everything you will need to get through the process of creating content. Remember that it is important that you pick a niche and stick with it. Of course, you will need to work on multiple topics before you can finalize what works the best for you and where your interest resides. Some of the common web content niches include health, nutrition, food, lifestyle, news and travel. Here is how to create content for web.

Keyword research

The first step of every blog post that you will create should be to first come up with a topic itself. This means that you will be researching a lot. When you are on the web, you are creating content not just because you want to provide information to people but also because you want to be able to rank on search engines. Without knowing what your target audience is searching for on search engines, you will not be able to reach out to that audience. Keyword density is also an important measure of how easily your site will be ranked in search engines.

Keyword research can have multiple steps. You can use an online tool that will help you understand the various keywords that are ranking in your niche. Likewise, you can use different forums where you think your target audience hangs out. Go there and see the different topics they are discussing and the terms they are searching for. Some forums you can approach are online blogs and Quora. Next, list down all these keywords. You also want to learn about the commercial intent of these keywords. You can use statistics from investors who are investing in these keywords. The keywords businesses invest in the most are the keywords with the highest commercial intent. Once you have the keyword in place, go ahead and write your topic.

Create a topic

When we say topic, we are basically referring to the page title for your blog post. There are a couple of rules that you can put to use when creating a blog post title. Remember that people use words like how, what and why a lot when searching for something on Google. If your topic has these words, they are more likely to click it. Likewise, people get attracted to numbers in titles. Instead of opening a ‘Definitive guide to photography’, people would prefer ‘A 7 step definitive guide to photography’. How you choose a topic can impact whether or not people actually end up clicking on your content. It is important that you make it appealing. Make it sound like you are solving a problem here. Likewise, it has been found that blog post titles with brackets tend to perform much better than blog post titles that don’t contain any brackets. Here is an example of a blog post title with and without brackets. Be the judge yourself.

Research on the topic

Like mentioned above, you don’t just want to create content. You want to create content that people are able to view on the internet. You want content that actually sells. For this, you will need to do research on your topic. One trick that I especially like to use is to read top few blog posts on the topic that I want to write for. Then, I list down anything I feel is missing in these blog posts. Web content has been around for a good amount of time to stock the web with tons of content. The same information is available on 100 different blogs. You don’t want to be one of them. What you need to do is to see how you can create content that is different from the content that is already on the web for that topic. Research as much as you can. Note down any points that you think should be included in your blog post as well. Take inspiration. Learn. Copy any info graphics you would like to add in your blog posts. Info graphics are a great way to support your arguments on the web. Likewise, you can copy any links you did like to back link to on your blog post.

Create an outline

An outline is an important step in creating a blog post. When you are researching, you are of course noting down a lot of points you want to include in your content. However, your research notes will be incoherent. You want to frame a proper argument. If you start writing without creating an online, you will be basically writing down anything that comes to your mind. Your argument may be the greatest in the world but it will not be structured well. This means that you shall not be able to communicate your message across very well. This will lead to again, bad quality content. Here, list down things you want to add in your introduction, body and then in the conclusion. You should have a general idea of what the blog post is going to look like before you start writing.


Once you are done creating an online, you will start writing. Writing should be a slow process. Since you have the outline, you should not have to do a lot of thinking to do about the ideas. You know what you are going to write. It is just a matter of how you are going to present it. You need to think creatively. Write simple sentences. Don’t use vocabulary that your audience will not able to understand. Simply write what comes to mind. Create a draft. You will have the time to rethink about the content. You will be proofreading. One tip to note is that you should write it in one go. Don’t take a lot breaks. Grab a cup of coffee and start writing. Find a time where you will have the time to write the whole blog post. Typically, a blog post length is 1000 words. It should not take you more than 2 hours to create that content.

Add graphics content

Next up is the graphical content. Once you have your text in place, you want to make sure that you are adding images that add further context to your text. You will be writing a lot of text but that gets boring to read for the audience. You can find images from the internet but make sure that you are adding all the credits to those images. Add context. Like mentioned before as well, info graphics can be really helpful. These will help you precisely convey your message. You can even replace parts of your blog post with info graphics.

Use these SEO tools: grammar checker, keyword density checker, plagiarism checker and readability checker

You have your written and graphic content in place. Now you need to make sure that all that content will do well with SEO as well. Your job does not end at creating content. Start doing what you need to do to rank well. This means that you will be using a lot of SEO tools. The first of these tools is a grammar checker tool. You don’t want to post any content that has grammatical errors. That sends a bad impression. Then you will use a keyword density checker. This will make sure that your keyword density is between 2 and 3 percent. You don’t need to worry a lot about keyword density as you are writing. Focus on the content. This keyword density checker will help you better with making sure that you are able to replace the keywords with synonyms where it is required. A very high keyword density is bad. So is a very low keyword density. Then, you will use a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checker will make sure that there is no content on the web that is same as yours. Unique content is extremely important in ranking on search engine like mentioned before as well. You can also use a readability checker. This will check the structural errors in your content if there are any. You don’t want to create content that has a lot of sentences in passive voice. Active voice is important. Very much.


The last step is proofreading. Proofreading can be done by you or by anyone else. You can also choose to hire someone for this job who will be making sure that your content makes sense contextually. If you can’t afford to hire a proofreader who is professional in this, you can also stick to your readability checker. As someone who is just starting off in writing, this should get your job done just as well. You can get someone with time as you start generating revenue.


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