In case fans are still wondering, Selena Gomez is not in rehab for any addiction. Reportedly, she is staying there trying to cure her depression after learning that he was suffering from lupus. She has announced last August that she will be cutting her “Revival” tour short because to her depression.

The young pop star has had many problems in the past period. Breaking up with Justin Bieber, linking her with Brad Pitt and blaming her for their divorce apparently caused Selena’s meltdown. Because of all of that, she has wanted to get better before facing the public again. Since she went in rehab, no one hasn’t been seen in the public.

Justin Bieber seems to still care about Selena Gomez since he is, reportedly, constantly visiting her. The pop star is still concerned about his ex-girlfriend condition even that Selena’s family is blaming him for her depression. The meltdown, reportedly, happened shortly after their heated argument after which Selena accused Justin of cheating on her repeatedly.

Family of Selena Gomez is doing everything in their power to keep Justin Bieber away from her after the meltdown. They are asking him to stay away from her since she is currently trying to get better given the circumstances of her condition.

However, it looks like nothing can keep Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber away from each other. Despite everything that the former couple has been going through and her family’s efforts to keep them apart, there have been rumors that Bieber has been with Selena the entire time that she is in rehab.

These speculations were further fuelled when Bieber broke up with his girlfriend Sophie Ritchie shortly after Selena’s admission to the facility.

Fans of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber believe that the young couple is sorting things out now and Bieber might just be what Selena needs to get better.



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