The Supreme Court’s directive of playing the National Anthem before the start of the movie at all cinema halls in the country may not have gone down too well with some of India’s citizens, but Indian hockey captain Vandana Kataria isn’t complaining.



In fact, she was so miffed when the national anthem wasn’t played at a movie hall in Haridwar that she complained to the theatre authorities. Vandana had gone to watch Dear Zindagi with her family in a cineplex in one of the malls in the city.

Vandana returned from Australia after a hockey Test series Down Under on Wednesday and had gone to watch the Shah Rukh Khan-Alia Bhatt starrer. However, she lost it when she didn’t see the SC order being implemented at the movie hall.



Vandana went on to say that if we cannot pay respect to our national symbols, we don’t deserve to be called Indians. She obviously left the theatre without watching the movie.
As a senior member of the senior national hockey team, Vandana is naturally used to standing when the anthem is played before the start of international fixtures and has set the standard high on respecting the national anthem.

Source: Indiatimes

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