Hair which naturally requires a lot of care since a little mistake can damage it severely. It can even result in permanent hair loss. I have seen many people who tried to make their hair look silky and beautiful, only to end up making them worse than before in the process. My guide will discuss Eight different methods which you can use to make your hair healthy,  beautiful and shiny. I will also talk briefly about how to grow or regrow hair.

If you follow my tips and advice, people around you will have a hard time not to look at your hair. Factors such as the type of shampoo, your daily intake, water you are using and hair conditioning play a major role in hair care.

1. Temperature of water

When it is winter time, it is common for everyone to take a bath using very hot water. I am not against hot water since I use it as well  to take a shower during the winter, but I do not wash my hair using warm water. Not only it gives rise to dandruff but it removes the natural color of your hair and enhances the power of the glands in your hair which produce oil. Warm, lukewarm or cold water ensures that your hair is stripped off all the dirt, power of the oil-producing glands is reduced and the circulation of blood in  your body is improved.

To make your hair smooth or shiny, always use warm, cold or lukewarm water for your hair.

2. Using the right shampoo for your hair

I have seen many women who use shampoo containing clarifying formula instead of repairing damage to hair. Shampoo which contains a clarifying formula will remove oils and hair color from your hair. Always remember to buy a shampoo which is rich in protein and has a very low amount of detergent.

There are many women who do not know the correct method of applying shampoo on their hair. Use the right quantity of shampoo for your hair and ensure that it matches the length of your hair. Apply the shampoo to the roots of your hair and never make the mistake of applying it by using your nails. Avoid using any hair products that have more protein than required and do not buy shampoo which has sulfates or parabens as ingredients.

3. Apply vinegar before using  the shampoo

I will not ask you to do this every time you are applying shampoo. Try to do this at least twice every year.  Vinegar acts as a defense mechanism against dandruff and gives an extra shiny look to your hair. To use, just add one part vinegar with three parts of warm water and rinse your hair very gently.

4. Avoid eating unhealthy food

Did you know that eating junk food is as bad for hair as your body?  Reducing junk food intake is very important for healthy hair. A healthy should include a good amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals and should have a good nutritional value. To make your hair healthier,  try to include food in your daily meal such as salmon, avocado, walnuts, potatoes (not French fries!) which have high nutritional value. You can apply avocado and yogurt to your hair besides eating them.

5. Choose the right products for hair loss

If you are reading my article on hair care for the first time it is possible that you are having hair loss-related issues. In such scenario, none of my above advice will be helpful for you. I recommend that you use either Minoxidil or Rogaine to treat hair loss both of which have FDA approval. Almost all Dermatologists will recommend this for the growth of lost hair and recovery of lost hair is usually seen after 2 months of continuous use. Men can use minoxidil or Rogaine to grow a beard.  Also try to use the perfect hair straighteners or hair curlers for your hair which has the best reviews and value.  You can use multitasking hair iron for both hair straightening and curling.

6. Cut or shorten your hair often

This might sound a bit strange to you. Most women do not want to do this because long hair is what makes a woman look beautiful. It is often a good idea to shorten your hair once every 2 or three months to collect ends of the split of your hair and ensure that they are not split anymore.

If you forget to do this, it will also destroy the shape of your hair. You will regret your decision not to trim your hair later on.

7. Conditioning of hair

It depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, use either lavender oil or oil from tea tree on your hair before applying shampoo. After you have removed the shampoo from your hair, apply the conditioner from the middle of your hair to the end part.

For medium or thicker hair, the moisturizer should contain hydrators which occur naturally. Just apply the conditioner to your hair before using the shampoo for around three minutes.

8. Make pigtails with your hair before going to bed

Many women with very long hair face this problem. When they go to sleep at night,they have to struggle against the hair’s integrity every time. If you keep your hair in a  loose ponytail form, it creates breakages and ends,  which are split when you will move on your pillowcase during sleep. The solution to this problem is to make two pigtails on your two sides and if you are lucky, your partner just might love it!

Final words

I am certain that my Eight tips about hair care will make your hair irresistible in a short time.Since you can use my tips at home, there is no need for you to go to a saloon. Be careful with the shampoo you are using and ensure that they do not contain anything which will damage your hair.

If my recommendations are too difficult for you to follow, you can start with the easiest one i.e.  use cold or lukewarm water on your hair at first. Always remember to cut your hair, but do not cut it too often. I hope that my article was able to answer all your questions on hair care. To know more about hair care and other beauty and health tips you can visit beautytune.


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