Loved the movie 3 Idiots? Chances are that you have adored and also loved Aamir Khan’s character in the movie. But did you know that Aamir’s Phungshuk Wangroo was actually inspired from a real life character. Yes, the person who inspired this role was Sonam Wangchuk from Leh.

The man, who was earlier awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for his gallantry during the Kargil War is also the man who recently gained worldwide recognition bagging the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2016.


He has won the award for his project, the Ice Stupas. These ice stupas are nothing but artificial glaciers that are aimed to fight the crisis for lack of water for agriculture in the dry dessert-like terrain in the Western Himalayas. It can tap the meltwater to meet the water deficit.

He has also said that the funds from the Rolex awards will further “support the project and promote the ice stupas as a climate change adaptation and desert greening technique.”



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