Once upon a time, Madhuri Dixit ruled the roost for many years in Bollywood. The evergreen beauty of Bollywood has always carried herself with dignity and grace. In this 1989 interview to magazine Movie, Madhuri touches upon many topics including Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and the filthy washrooms used during outdoor shoots! Read On…

On why cinema was still not considered art


People may praise painters but how many painters can they name? At the most a few like MF Hussain. While any child of 5 will have heard of Madhuri Dixit. I may have studied only uptil the 12th standard but intelligence is more than just books. In my opinion actresses like Shabana and Dimple are more well-read than any society butterball.

On size zero


People called me Madhuri Jinx once, but never personally. What strikes me is that people would comment on my thinness. But now the same people come and congratulate me on being so slim! ‘How do you remain so slender?’ they say.

On link ups 


No, I don’t have men for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It actresses are supposed to have loose morals, its because 30-40 years ago they largely came from not so good families. Now, well-educated, decent girls do become heroines. I guess the stigma still sticks.

On alleged affair with Anil Kapoor 


No! I wouldn’t marry someone like him. For one thing, he is too hypersensitive, I would like my husband to be cool. As for Anil, I have done so many films with him, so I am comfortable with him. I can even joke with him about our supposed affair.

On exploitation 


Source : Yahoo

Must check it.

When Ranveer Singh had to pad it up!



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