In today’s scenario we all stay in a surrounding that promotes self-awareness. The same self-awareness that teaches us to stay and believe on what we actually are? But, when the same self-awareness comes to matters or relationships, it absolutely fails us arriving at a conscious decision. Most of what we hear from others, makes it all the more difficult.

When it comes to relationships, and the ones that’s not going well, it is not at all easy to decide whether to end it or not. At the same time, being the one to end it is very difficult. It is a period when both partners try to distant them from each other, as might be seeking a solitary detachment.

There are numerous couples who are indecisive about whether to stay or leave.

If you are one of them, and feel doubts and occasionally doubt your own actions and thoughts, its time you should seriously leave, leave for the sake of your heath, sanctity and relation.

What it is to be indecisive about your relationship?

Indecisiveness is something, when you absolutely give up your thoughts, time and attention towards deciding that whether you want to stay or not? A constant thought that evaluates everything, constantly thinking and always analyzing and so intense that often it reaches to the point of obsession.

The dangers of being indecisive

It’s you and only you who suffer because of being indecisive.

You suffer:

  • Emotionally: depression, mood swings, feelings of being lonely and left alone, inability to focus, irritability are some of the very common symptoms that inability to decide is slowly gasping you emotionally.
  • Physically: it would quite obvious that emotional stress and inability to cope leads to sleepless nights, back pains, shoulder pains, slowly making you somewhat permanently sick.

You get trapped:

This is one of the most affecting factors when you are indecisive. You are trapped, and it’s harder with each passing day to come out. This further provokes you to stay in a state of numbness, moving away from reality and pick up habits to escape the reality and make improper decisions.

This is why it is so dangerous, you live in a state of unhappiness without putting any efforts to make yourself happy and in the process suppress you true feelings.

All your relations get destroyed:

It’s not easy to cope up with mental torments. As said earlier, it turns you moody, irritable, depressed and lost, you start behaving the same way with everyone else. In the beginning people (your friends, relatives and close ones) might try to console or make you understanding, but slowly they also starts shunning away from you.

It is altogether critical, as you are all left alone in this cruel world.

All said and done, if you on the other hand take steps to decide, this is what happens –

If you decide to stay:

It might be that you decide to carry on with the relationship and decide to stay – you free up your mind clots and work towards restoring the bond between the two of you. You take steps that will make you happy, think positive and feel empowered, rather stuck up and analyzing the negatives. You will be compassionate to your partner and show that you love and care. If you have kids, they will benefit the most, as they will see you loving and caring.

If you decide to leave:

It could be a tough decision, but if you decide to part ways, you will automatically gain mental strength to start a new life again. At the same time free your partner of your burden and save the good memories of the beautiful moments that you have spent together, and not destroy it to a level that you both starts hating each other. If you have kids, they will also benefit from it.

What if, you are still not able to decide whether to STAY or LEAVE?

Follow the golden rule:

Stop’ thinking and analyzing, ‘Address’ your concerns and fears and clear doubts, ‘Start’ feeling your intuitions and sense the needs on how you react mentally and physically and ‘Act’ to decide whether you want to continue with it or let it go by.



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