City of Toronto Jobs for freshers

Canada welcomes for City of Toronto jobs to new immigrants with valuable migrants and qualifications, though finding employment will be a challenge. It is important to be realistic and understand that you can not get your ‘dream job’ straight.

hotel jobs in canada
hotel jobs in canada

What to do and what not

Finding jobs from abroad is never easy. Here’s a summary of do’s for foreign jobers in the Canadian job market


Visit various Canadian City of Toronto jobs websites before deciding to make decisions to familiarize yourself with job opportunities in your area.

Apply for your permanent residence visa. Very important The prospective employer will ask about your immigration status and as a result of your residence visa (or at least in the application process), there is a condition for most Canadian job vacancies.

Start applying for OVERSEAS advertised job vacancies, but potential potential date or visit Canada is 1 to 12 weeks in advance.

Send an application for the potential employer and recruitment agent in the Canadian area and a CV “cold” letter that you intend to settle down to tell it to you. Use to find out the details.

Prepare your CV in the Canadian style and write down a small but clear cover letter to confirm that you have been granted permanent residence (or who you have considered eligible and the visa application is in the process).Do provide a Canadian postal address and Canadian mobile/email address in your CV where possible.

Travel to Canada to participate in a job interview or visit permanently (once your visa has been approved), because very few employers will include candidates on the basis of “sight ignore”.

Have a positive impact on the interview, become flexible and your residence visa and copies of reference are available.

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Do not apply for job vacancies or go to Canada for more than 1 job interview, 12 weeks from the date of a potential interview.

Do not expect everything to work like home. Be flexible and be prepared to fit the local ways to do things.

You do not expect a job at the same level or more abroad. You may lack Canadian local knowledge and later you may need to withdraw a step to move forward. Wait a year.

Do not expect overseas salary or more of your salary In Canada, living in comparison to many other Western developed nations and income tax rates are low, so look at your net income, not gross amount.

Do not expect a job offer in the first week On average, Canadians can take 1-8 weeks to find new jobs.

Do not “contract” on contract with your first employer. Be flexible and understand that there can be different employment law and contractual terms in Canada.

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