Know about Overseas Consultants before giving the money.

Fraud Consultants

Now a days there are many consultancy is offering Gulf Job / Overseas Jobs  and trying to trap of innocent or poor people. In view of these type of problems, I want to tell you how to  Know about  Fraud Overseas Consultant. Here are some tips which will help you, but you have to follow some necessary step and you can save your hard earned money.

  1. Check the Consultancy name in E-migrate website of India , here PDF will open and you can download and search in this PDF your consultancy name is available or not.
  2. Check the Consultancy website domain Registration in . It will show how many years old consultancy, it will show date of registration and expiry date of website, simply type website name without www and search it.
  3. Check your company name and address where you are going for work as Step 2.
  4. Check your VISA online from Google whatever Country you are going.

 Note. Always consult with Registered Agent in anywhere. Never give your hard earned money to unregistered Agent or any third party whether it is your close friend or relatives also.


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