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In addition to blessing the world with intellectual eye candies like Ryan Gosling and Justin Trudo, Canada is becoming a shelter for international students. By 2016, according to the Bureau of International Education of Canada, 353,000 international students were demonstrating an increase of more than 90%.

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Justin Trudo study in canada

Canadian students are also doing very well, earning approximately eight billion dollars of annual income from student expenditures. According to the QS World University Rankings of 2018, seven of the top 150 universities in the world are Canadians. For MBA graduates, however, the list of employment opportunities decreases compared to the US, in which more than 98% of firms are small, less than 100 employees.

About 2% have medium-sized firms with about 500 employees. These small medium-sized companies, or SMEs, are responsible for creating an annual job requirement of around 100,000, and their contribution to the economy is more than 50%.

Even though the country does not have many MBA rewards to present as its popular neighbor, it still provides an excellent environment for education with some benefits. Therefore, we should look at the features of study in Canada as an international student, from the point of view of MBA degree in the country.

Why study MBA in Canada?

Canada is one of the top countries for overall holistic study. It is in our list of top countries to study overseas on the basis of the input of the MBA applicants working with us. It provides affordable education, with the help of world-class resources, a multicultural risk, a good quality of life, and most importantly, the opportunity to transition easily to study by working legally. Let’s learn about some of its main features and, if appropriate, we will direct you to relevant articles.

Multicultural Society

In the early 1970s, multiculturalism was officially adopted as a policy. The country believes in a Canadian culture which is the union of different religions, regions, languages and cultures. Immigration is considered economically and socially, which is quite important for the country. They believe in policies that actively engage immigrants in Canadian society.

At present, the country has the highest per capita immigration in the world, a large percentage of its population is related to first, or second, generation of immigrant families or refugees. Obviously, they take the term “multicultural” seriously with actual legislative policies to support their welcome matte.

This kind of atmosphere creates a friendly lifestyle for international students from all over the world. The language still plays an important role in the adjustment process, even in French provinces. Bilingualism is common with being able to communicate in French or English with approximately 18% of the population. The rest know at least one language.

As far as other ethnic groups are concerned, you can get a strong presence of Asian cultures, especially a large number of Indians and Chinese people. There are 34 ethnic groups in Canada, by 2006, the number of people crosses one million. Therefore, searching for Indian neighborhood for longing for a quick homegrown food can be solved very easily, especially in big cities.

International students can take advantage of the direct immigration process to earn their right to work legally in the country. If you are a graduate from an International Student in Canada, a designated education institute (DLI), which is an institution approved by the provincial or regional government to host foreign students, then you can apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) May be eligible to do.

You need to meet certain eligibility criteria that you should be enrolled full time in a DLI program for more than eight months. The validity of PGWP depends on the duration of the study.

For example, a 2-year MBA graduate can last up to 3 years. For any program less than 2 years, but the validity of more than 8 months lasts up to the length of the study program. Eligible students are also eligible to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry. Details on their immigration website are updated regularly.

Quality of Life

Canada offers its residents an excellent lifestyle. Medical treatment is not only a state of art but it is also free, which is covered by the same government which also promotes multiculturalism. Talk about a sweet deal! Tuition fees are much cheaper than the US, however, MBA is one of its expensive degrees.

But if you compare the real numbers, however, an average of $ 52,000 tuition for EMBA in Canada is still cheaper than $ 150,000 – $ 200,000 worth of tag, which is more than some American universities. However, some popular MBA programs have been placed close to the pioneer side, even in Canada.

The average regular MBA costs around $ 30,000. Anyone with current student loans for MBA in the US, can make a vow for how appropriate this number is. Average graduation from a well-accredited MBA program can be approximately $ 100,000.

So, clearly lifestyle choices can hover around upscale and comfortable too. Here are some average costs to maintain a good life, as it has been obtained from Numbo.


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