The U.S. has come out top in the list of countries that are most accepting of free speech.

A study carried out by the Pew Research Centre found the countries where people were most tolerant of speech that is offensive or fell contrary to their own beliefs.

Participants in the U.S. were most likely to accept statements offensive to their own religious beliefs and were the most supportive of free press.

The study judged a country’s acceptance of free speech presenting them with a number of statements, including speech offensive minority groups, statements calling for violent protests and sexually explicit statements.

People were then asked if they thought people should be allowed to say these sorts of things freely or whether the government should have the power to prevent them from doing so.

These are the ten countries where free speech is tolerated the most.

1. The United States of America

America is the country that most supports freedom of speech, tolerating offensive speech and accepting statements contrary to their opinions and religious beliefs . (Getty)

2. Poland

PolandPeople in Poland were likely to be willing to accept statements calling for violent protests.

3. Spain

SpainSpaniards were unlikely to be offended by sexually explicit statements.

4. Mexico

maxicoMexicans are the fourth most supportive of free speech globally. Despite this, it is one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist. Dozens have been murdered since 2000.

5. Venezuela

venezuelaDespite reports of corruption within the government, the people of Venezuela are the fifth most accepting of free speech globally.

6. Canada

canadaThe study found that Canadians were likely to believe that people have the right to make statements offensive to other people’s religious beliefs.

7. Australia

AustreliaIn Australia people felt it was important to have the right to criticise the government openly.

8. Argentina

argentinaArgentinians strongly believed that government censorship should not be permitted.

9. South Africa

south-africaSouth Africans were particularly favourable towards a free press.
10. United Kingdom

ukThe UK is the 10th most tolerant country for free speech.

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