If you are a gamer then you are definitely playing those games, which gives you the feeling that you are playing physically such as virtual reality games, but it is not true because it all about your assumptions and technology, which let you, feel that you are inside the game and doing everything by yourself. Nowyou can actually be the character of that game and experience the whole reality physically in a game. Yes, it is escape room game.


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Escape room game is one of the most interesting adventurous game. This game is actually a puzzle game in which you can play in a team. You will be locked in the particular room along with your team and a team consist of 4 to 12 members. The room will have some clues and by using your intelligence and strategy, you can find your way towards outside.

handsome hipster modern man designer working home using laptop at home

It is also a theme game. There is some story in the locker room where you will trap with your companion and you will be playing as a character of thatstory and will have to find the way toward the last door from where you can go out. Believe me, it is such an interesting game. The room in which you will belocked will completely design according to the given theme. There are many types of theme, every team will provide new theme like a laboratory theme,and the room will design according to laboratory that is that room will have different chemicals and apparatus and many other instrumental things. You will provide a particular time to complete that task; the time limit will be 60 minutes and in that time you should escape from the room.

There are also many interesting elements in the escape room. There is a final lock, which you will have to open so that you can escape from the room. When you willenter in the escape room that will not only the room there are multiple lockroom, which you will have to open by the help of puzzles. In the first escape room, there is also a door for another room which is hidden somewhere and you will find it by clues and puzzles.

handsome hipster modern man designer working home using laptop at home

There are also some of the important instructions for the players who are willing to play this game. If you are playing this game with your family, you can check that your team should have one member who is 16 or greater than 16 years old. Sometimes the theme is horror so if your team consist of people who are smaller in age then they might get afraid by the theme and you will face a trouble in the middle of the game. Therefore, before entering the game, you should checkall the terms and conditions of the game so that you can enjoy this wonderful physically adventurous game. So what are you waiting for? Go and experience it! Best of luck.



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