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Which is the safest and best Gulf country to work for Indians?

As opinion by is given below country wise.

UAE (only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi): The vast Indian expatriate community Whatever state of India you are, you will be able to connect. You will find enough people in your community. It is a completely independent country, you can live your life in your own way, no justice will be done (if you are gay or are living with your girlfriend then do not say it publicly and it will be fine) Your social status will depend on how much you earn. Savings will be moderate.

Oman: If you are Gujarati or Kerala then this is your place. Savings will be less compared to UAE. You can also talk to local people with plus points. Like the locals, Indians are also very good positions and are honored.

Bahrain: Similar to Oman Due to lack of long-term economic prospects, the points were lost.

Qatar: Conservative, you will not be able to talk to the locals. Economic prospects are good in long term. If you are not getting anywhere else right now then come here. Originally trying to become a UAE but it is far behind in the infrastructure. Plus Point US associate (the base of an American Air Force), in total politics is overall very stable. The savings will be good.

Kuwait: If you can not find an opportunity in Qatar, you can go there. The savings will be good. Local people are very arrogant and conservative.

Saudi Arabia: Think before going there. My Free advice, do not go.

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